3738 SW Southern St.,Seattle, WA 98126           206-227-0374


Vivid Sound Productions /Producer/Director/ Sound Designer/ Composer  

Notable  Projects


·  Sound design and implementation for the Ubisoft release of Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines for release in November 2009.

(Developed by Griptonite: Foundation 9)


·  Sound design release for Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief for Nintendo DS.

(Developed by Griptonite: Foundation 9)



·  Sound design and implementation for the Activision release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine for release in March 2009.

(Developed by Griptonite: Foundation 9)


·        Sound Design for The Exile Project live theater performance.

·     Studio production and recording for Eden's Hour weekly radio show sponsored by The David Lynch Foundation.



·         5.1 surround Sound Design and Music composition and mixing for Pre-show Environment for the Australian Film Commision’s new ARC Theatre.


·         Onsite Audio Direction, Sound Design,  Sound implementation and audio engine platform integration and  debugging for Airtight Games playable game demo.




·        Recording, mixing and mastering for musical group Oval League CD.


·        Sound Design and  Foley for Sucker Punch Productions 2006 E3 demo video.


·        Sound Effects and Foley for Epic Games new title GEARS OF WAR.



·        Onsite Sound Design and Sound implementation for Sucker Punch Productions' Sly 3:Honor Among Thieves for Sony Playstation 2 .  Mixed in Dolby Pro Logic 2 Surround.


·        Composed music for 5 short  films for specific films shown at the Telluride Film Festival.


·        Composed 30 minutes of Music and ambient sound design for The 2005 Telluride Film Festival Palm Theatre venue.



·         Onsite Sound Design and Sound implementation for Sucker Punch Productions' Sly 2:Band of Thieves for Sony Playstation 2 .  In Dolby Pro Logic 2 Surround. * Nominated  by The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sicences’ for Best Sound Design*


1998 to 2003

·         Sound Effects and Sound Design for "Rise of Nations" PC game by Big Huge Games published by Microsoft including expansion pack.

·         Field Recordings of ambient surround sounds in Paris, Florence, Barcelona, Stockholm, Liverpool for Project Gotham Racing 2  game for X-box

·         Composed music for Kansas City Life news program intro 

·         Composed original arrangements of Moby Dick, Venus, Behind Blues Eyes for various Go-Kustom compilations

·         CD mastering for Go-Kustom Rekords and mixing for Freedirt's new CD.

·         Composed ambient sound design and music for Dolby 5.1 Surround DVD playing at the Galaxy Theatre for the Telluride Film Festival.

·         User interface sounds for the updated Compaq and HP Pocket PC III running Windows CE operating System.

·         Composed the opening Music for Experience Music Project's exhibition video "Northwest Now"

·         Created user interface sounds and rings for Microsoft Smart Phone 

·         Music composition for Peel interactive, Starbucks and Boston MFA websites.

·         User interface Sounds for Microsoft Money 2000, 2001,2002, 2003 and TaxSaver 2000



Audio Lead/Sound Designer/Audio Engineer/Composer Sept. ‘95-98

     Microsoft Projects Redmond, WA

Sound Design for User Interface applications & Hardware: The Auto PC (Logo sound), Microsoft Speakers, Windows 98 Desktop sounds and Plus Pack Desktop Themes (CityScape, Rock & Roll, Fashion, Architect), U.I. for Windows NT 97, Windows CE

Sound Design for Games: Asheron’s Call (online), Football 99 (CD-Rom), Close Combat (CDRom), Golf (CDRom), Flight Sim (CDRom), 3D Baseball (CDRom), Mind Aerobics (online), Ants (online), Deadly Tide (CDRom), U2 web Shockwave game.

Sound Design for Reference & Educational, Music CDRom: Personal Tutor 97 & 98, Music Central, Cinemania, Sky Cries Mary CD+ (interactive music CD-Rom)

Sound Design for Video: Microsoft Games E3 demo 98, Anarchy (Game Demo), Web TV demo, Gameforge (Game Goup’s internal promo video), Microsoft Games Logo (Splash screen animation for CDRom games), SKULL, (Game demo), DMC internal promotional video

Music Composition: Microsoft Games Logo (Splash Screen), SKULL, (Game demo), DMC promotional video, Football 99, Mind Aerobics, Ants, U2 web Shockwave game  

Independent Sound Designer/Audio Engineer/Composer Mar. ‘94-Sept. ‘95

Completed Projects through Orca Games Inc. Seattle, WA


Sound Design and Production for Videos in Microsoft Complete Baseball, Complete Basketball, and Music Central CD-Roms

Sound Re-emulation for Return of Arcade 1

Composed opening theme and music transitions for Microsoft Complete Baseball.



Audio Engineer/Producer Apr. ‘93-95

The Music Source Seattle, WA


Edited and premastered 4 CD box set of John Williams Music for the Star Wars Trilogy (released by 20th Century Fox in ‘94) Which reached GOLD status.

Remixed, edited, and premastered soundtrack from the feature film Terminator for release on CD

Edited and premastered a total of 30 movie sound track compilation CD’s

Assisted in ADR sessions for Northern Exposure 


Engineer/Producer/Assistant Manager June - Dec. ‘92

Dog Fish Sound Portland, OR


Successfully organized recording for a live video shoot of Tangerine Dream concert for Miramar Productions

1st engineer on Remote recording audio for video shoot at Lollapalooza including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam

Produced and engineered projects by Beef Curtans, Mule, Ansio Bridge Head, The Whirllees, Saliva Tree, No Way Home, and Roger Nusic

•Assisted and 2nd eng.: Hitting Birth, Pig Pen, Cave Man Shoestore, amongst others


Tools and Software

Includes audio content authoring applications and 3rd party and proprietary software for the implementation of game sound design and music.

·      I  have working knowledge of Sony’s Scream Tool and 3D authoring software Maya for implementation in Playstation games and also Fmod and the Unreal 3 editor. 

·        I am proficient and familiar with a good majority of the latest audio and midi tools and software including but not limited to Pro Tools, applications by Sonic Foundry, Steinberg, Native Instruments

·         I also have experience with an array of different microphones and outboard gear including Neumann, Senheiser, AKG, Shure, Sony, Mackie, EV, EMU, Moog, Neve etc…

I am comfortable with the latest Macintosh and PC operating systems and am familiar with most Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer etc…






The Evergreen State College Olympia, WA  1991-‘92

  • Received Bachelor of Arts Degree in communications
  • Studied music composition and technology. Composed, engineered, and produced several pieces using 16-track studio, Mac-based software, digital and analog synthesis, sequencing, and sampling.


University of Iowa 1995-97

·         Studied music composition in the Experimental Music Studios with Kenneth Gaburo. Also studied Jazz composition and performance.